A timeless gift from Lata Mangeshkar to Kishore Kumar

A story recalled by Leena Chandavarkar

Once Kishore Kumar asked Lata Mangeshkar, his which song she liked the best.

Lata smiled and asked him, "Dada, bol doon ya gaa kar sunao".

to which Kishore said "Gaa kar hi sunaiye".

Lata laughed and said OK, but not today.

Few months later it was Lataji's birthday and Kishore Kumar received a gift box from Lataji.

Kishore used to always wish Lataji on her birthday with gifts.

It had a note on it from Lataji, it said " Dada, aapne itni baar mere janamdin par tohfe bheje hain, ese return gift samaj lena, aur zaroore batana aap ko agar aacha laga"

He opened the box and there was a tape inside. It was the song Lataji loved most from all of Kishore's song,

sung by Lata herself.

She had contacted HMV recording studio, and gone there recorded it only for Kishore kumar.

It seems Kishore listened to this song many time when he sat alone in his room.

Nobody has heard this Kishore song sung by Lata exclusively for Kishore Kumar.

Just listen to this, released by his wife Leena for the first time ever.

The story behind this song