DIY Multi-Monitor Set up at home

I am an avid watcher of the show “Criminal Minds”. I am fascinated by computer expert Garcia’s set up. I have decided to give it a try to replicate it at my home. Ever since I set it up, I found that my productivity has gone up and the number of keys hits on tab, constant screen resizing has reduced significantly. I can also react quickly to slack or if Robinhood investments move up or down.

Read on if you would like to know how I did it.

Here is my set up

I have 3 computers (2 Mac mini + 1 MacBook pro), 6 monitors, 1 keyboard and 1 mouse.

All monitors and computers are controlled through one keyboard and one mouse.

Each computer is wired to 2 computers.

I have tried to use the cheapest options to make this set up affordable. I have also built this over a period of 3 months and tried several different options, failed many times before coming up with the most reasonable option :-).

  1. Mac Mini (2) : $549.99 per monitor

  2. Macbook Pro (1) : $679.00

  3. Monitors (6) : $169.00 per monitor. Available at

  4. Ergonomic Keyboard (1) : $149.00 :

  5. Mouse (1) : $18.99 :

  6. Monitor Stand (3) : $49.95 per stand :

  7. Synergy Software: $29.00:

All computers must be on the same wifi. I have installed synergy software on all 3 computers. One of the mac minis is configured as a server. This will generate an internal IP address for the server.

You would need to whitelist the other 2 computers by adding their names to the server’s white list.

You can also set the relative position of monitors by setting corresponding computers in the server set up of Synergy software

The remaining 2 computers are configured as clients in Synergy software. You would need to enter the server address in the client setup.

Once this is done, you should be able to seamlessly mouse to any screen that you wish, click and then the keyboard would work on that screen. Pretty smooth !!!

Here is the video of my setup if you would like to take a look.