Introduction to Graph Database using Neo4j

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Graph databases are gaining popularity these days because of its ease of use, simplicity and agility. As compared to relational or document databases, graph databases are great in expressing real world data model with same set of semantics as a product manager would express. Unlike document databases it supports transactional operations. Unlike relational databases, it supports fast querying across large databases.

Ebay is successfully using Neo4J graph databases for optimizing routes for local delivery. Walmart is using Neo4J database for real time local recommendations. Graph databases are also popular for fraud detection use cases.

In this course you will learn fundamentals of graph databases. No prior background in graph database is assumed which makes it ideal for beginner developers. I'll cover rationale behind using graph database.

Here is quick introduction to Graph database

Here is broad spectrum of topics that I'll be covering


  • Fundamentals of graph database

  • Why use graph database

  • Data modeling

  • CRUD operations

  • Aggregation

  • Building recommendations using graph database

At the end of course you'll be able to demonstrate your command on graph database and will be ready to build brand new applications. Graph database is also useful for solving Graph Neural network challenges.

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