Reached 5000 students in 120 countries

I am very pleased to announce that my courses have been enrolled by 5000 students in over 120 countries in the glob. This is significant milestone. I have started about 3 years ago with humble beginnings. It took me 3 months to get my my first student on Udemy. I also had to manager my students expectations in terms of clarifications and next steps. I felt content when i saw that I could leverage my 20 years of software development experience to teach the students all around the globe.

Thank you for being loyal followers of my courses. Here are links to my courses with free coupon code.

Fundamentals of image Processing:

Fundamentals of image smoothing:

Fundamentals of image convolution:

Fundamentals of image thresholding and masking:

Fundamentals of image morphology:

Building Song Recommendation Engine:

Ranking Search Results using Machine Learning :

Language Detection with fasttext :

Sentiment Analysis using fasttext and machine learning :

Document classification using machine learning

Getting started with chatbot for slack:

Mastering react in 24 hrs :

Simple image classification with KNN:

A simple introduction to deep learning:

Machine learning in the elastic search :

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